Friday, October 31, 2008

Already making excuses

Now that it looks like Obama is going to win, he is actually waking up to all the BS he has been spouting. So, he is already making excuses:

He is also acting so very tolerant (you know those Dems, they think they are so tolerant):

Give me a break. How can anyone support this fraud??? Scary. I usually am not too worried about who ends up in the Oval Office because of the checks and balances. But, I have news for you: There are about to be no checks and balances. The Dems are predicted to win a few more seats in the Senate, which would give them 60 or so, enabling them to quash any Republican attempts at filibuster. They would have an enormous advantage in both the Senate and House of Representatives. The leftists could make all kinds of socialist (communist) laws, abortion laws, anti-gun ownership laws, gay marriage laws and anything else they feel like passing. Plus there are likely to be 2 vacancies in the Supreme Court that the next president gets to fill. Obama could shift the court to the left. All 3 branches of government dominated by leftists is not a good thing.
That tax plan that Oblaba is rambling on about is nothing more than unadulterated bullshit. He started at anyone under $300,000 will get a tax cut, then it was $250,000, then $200,000 and now Biden has said $150,000. It has been slashed in half and he hasn't even won yet. Plus, his plan is only for a cut in income tax. He supports all the other taxes you pay, but don't necessarily think about. Plus his plan to jack up taxes on rich people and corporations is only going to hurt us little people. Rich people don't get rich (other than actors) by being stupid. They will find ways around this. Corporations will raise prices and operating costs to pay for this. You know who pays for it then? Us.
All the programs he spouts off about will cost us. He's a total liar. If you call him or Biden on any of it, they ban you. Crybabies. I freakin' hate them more every time I think about any of it. NEVER trust a rich guy who is saying he is going to raise taxes on the rich. HE IS RICH. Do you honestly think he is happy to pay more taxes himself? Come on. All those acting buffoons who make their idiotic commercials for him either are too stupid to realize that they are rich and will have to pay more taxes or they have great accountants who will disperse their money and save them from paying.
As for the war, everyone thinks he is just going to end it and everyone comes home happy. He has said repeatedly that he wants to ratchet up the war in Afganistan and go into Pakistan. Ok, um, Pakistan ok with that? They have nukes. If he just pulls out of Iraq it all goes to hell. Whether going in was right or wrong, we can't just leave and we can't give a date to leave. In fact if we keep a permanent base or bases there, like Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. that isn't a bad thing, in my opinion. Giving a date to leave by is giving the insurgents and terrorists a date to plan on invading.
If you think health care should be government run, think about all the other stuff government has run. Not a great success. Ask people in Sweden what they think of socialized health care. They don't like it, unless they are rich and can pull some strings.
Anyway, it matters this time. I already voted. It was more of an against Obama vote rather than a for McCain vote. I'm not a big fan of him either. He should have been able to swat Obama away with all the crap Obama is associated with and his silly ideas. But, he didn't. Hillary couldn't either. Maybe McCain and Hillary can sit together with their heads spinning, wondering what the hell went wrong, and hold hands.


La Toya said...

What do you think of President Obama?

Sage Steve said...

I think he is just reinstating all the Clintonites.