Thursday, September 11, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


So, I've

been asked what I think of Palin...Not bad. Not bad at all. She's got my vote. Va-va Voom. Actually, I don't know much about her, but I have heard some good and some not so good. I do think it is stupid to be ripping on her because her unwed daughter is pregnant. What does that have to do with anything? Perhaps it gives her some extra insight. I guess if the Obamites are going to cry racism whenever he is criticized, she can cry sexism whenever she is. She seems like a much better choice than Biden, who has a long track record of stupidity. Obama had the most liberal voting record his short time in the senate and Biden was 3rd. Yeah, lots of compromise from those two.

Anyway, unless I can get my own campaign as a write-in candidate going well, I will probably vote for McCain/Palin. Have you heard how openminded and fair Oprah is? She is an open Obama supporter, which is no surprise, but she won't even have Palin on her show. That's fair, Oprah. If Obama was smart, he would have picked Oprah as his running mate. Since she already owns half the country, it would have been a landslide.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back again

At long last, I have returned. I pretty much took the summer off. You might think that this would be a good time to do plenty of blogging, but for me, I just didn't. I prefer to do my blogging during work(conference period, of course). I am teaching U.S. Government this semester, and will teach some Economics as well next semester. So, I have seniors. I am hoping to get to the point where I teach only government, which is a semester class, and then be done with them. As it is, I teach both, so I will still have a few kids all year. For some of these kids, it will be 3 years in a row that I have them in class. Too much in some cases. It is only the 5th day of school, so not much to report there, yet. I did manage to have a bunch of kids removed that I just couldn't stand to have again. The counselors are pretty helpful. Starting next year I won't know most of the kids, so it will be a fresh start. And if I could get rid of them at the semester break, that would be FANTASTIC.

Well, it looks like it is going to be Obama as president. It will be closer than anyone would have thought. I can't believe I am saying this, but Hillary would have been better. Yes, I believe she has an evil streak, but as for being president, she would do a better job. Obama will be a bust. Dude is nothing more than grandiose speeches, lovely rhetoric, and an empty suit. Good luck completely saving the world, buddy. What a fraud. He is one of, if not the most, liberal, left-wing senator in recent times. What does that mean? That means that he is not going to compromise. That means that he will work to implement all his lunatic leftist ideas. It doesn't take a whole lot of research to see what kind of record the guy has and it isn't at all laudable. Most liberal voting record, when he wasn't too much of a coward to vote at all. Ties to an ever-growing list of despicable people. Ties to organizations that are working hard to give total clearance to illegal immigrants(including just flat-out opening the borders with no restrictions), and other so-called welfare programs that give people excuses to do nothing while taking more and more money out of our pockets to pay for them. Two of these are the Gamaliel Foundation and ACORN. They sound so helpful and giving on the surface, but dig a little deeper. ACORN is constantly trying to raise the minimum wage. Sounds great, right? People should make more. Did it ever occur to you that by raising the minimum wage, you raise the prices of things. Businesses aren't just going to cut into their profits and happily pay more wages. They will pay more wages and charge you and I for it. Notice how the minimum wage has gone up in the last year or so? Notice how prices have gone up a lot in the last year or so? Coincidence? I think not. Also notice how that is also around the time Democrats took control of Congress?

So, look a little closer. Pretty words are nice to hear, but remember they all make nice speeches. Very few deliver. Carte blanche for immigrants? Yes, America is built on immigration. But, times are different, and there needs to be regulations and restrictions. Due process and such. These groups would have the borders opened completely and probably try to charge you and I for the gas needed to drive new immigrants around the country. Look at Obama's record on abortion. See his lame quote on the side also. As an adopted person, with adopted siblings and now two adopted children, I can in no way support a person who fights for abortion. If that was the only issue I had with him, that would be enough for me to never vote for him. To me that is a paramount issue of morality. It is not some side issue. It is wrong and anyone who supports it is wrong. There are very few issues that are clear-cut, right or wrong and that is one of them. I can barely concede the rape, incest, health exceptions to this. Whenever someone does have a baby that falls under one of these, doesn't that just weaken opposition to those exceptions as well?

I'm pissed, loyal readers. I'm pissed that the wool is falling over so many peoples' eyes. I'm pissed that I am going to have to pay more taxes. I'm pissed that more unborn babies are going to get sucked out and thrown in the trash. I'm pissed that our borders are going to be even more unsecured. I have no problem with immigration done the right and legal way. In fact I have no problem with many people who are here illegally because they truly are trying to make a living for their family. But, I have a problem with the costs. I have a problem with the criminals that sneak in on the same truck. Obviously, the immigration process needs to be restructured, revised, fixed, or whatever. But, there are millions who go through it the right way, and prove that it is possible. I applaud them.

I'm also pissed that we are not fully exploring all possible energy possibilities. If we know where the oil is, let's go get it. The technology is there to protect the environment AND get the resources. Let's explore the alternative energy sources and implement them too if they are feasible. Utah is actually leading the way with natural gas. I read an article the other day that described how many there are using natural gas to power their cars. It costs 87 cents a gallon. Wow, remember those days??? Right now it costs a lot to convert your vehicle or even to buy one that is ready, but given time we could get those affordable. Let's do all of these. Why is it that we can ONLY use wind, solar or corn, but no oil? Or only oil and nothing else? Why do the political parties, and Republicans are to blame too, each totally discount the other options? Try all energy options, including nuclear power.

I'm just pissed. And don't think it will get better with ObamaFrauda. He has shown ZERO inclination to compromise. I am no fan of McCain, but he at least compromises. Not always how I personally like, but he is a better choice than the empty suit. Yeah, he cheated on his wife 30 years ago or whenever it was, and that is terrible, but I guarantee you Obama has some skeletons in his closet. How about the fact that he attended an absolutely racist church for 20 years? Doesn't that bother anyone just a bit? Racism is NOT an exclusively white against black thing. There is plenty of racism coming the other direction, too.

I would say vote for a write-in candidate, but a vote for anyone other than McCain is basically a vote for Obama. I would vote for the Libertarian guy, but they support abortion too. I'll tell you this much, if some America-hating, raving lunatic like Michael Moore is supporting Obama, that is enough for me NOT to vote for him. If the Hollywood Pretenders-for-a-Living mostly support Obama, I don't. They spend their lives in Make Believe. Yeah, they're in touch. Right.
All right, I had a lot to get out. And more to come. Pardon me if it seems a little negative for awhile, like the next 4 years. I just prefer my country not to get screwed up.

One last rant. I am so sick of hearing about this lost war. What lost war? You mean the one where we killed hundreds of thousands of bad guys and lost less than five thousand good guys? Yes, every American life lost is tragic and I always feel awful when I read about another one, but in harsh terms of numbers, we won that one. How about the fact that we liberated 2 countries. Is there still work to be done in both? Of course. It is interesting that people think these countries can just suddenly turn into fully functioning democracies in one or two years. It took our country more than 12 years from the Declaration of Indepence to voting in George Washington as first president. And we had many foundations of democracy already in place. We expect them to completely change in less time than that coming from dictatorships under Saddam and the Taliban? Interesting. So exactly how was this war lost? Did we lose territory? No. Did someone invade our country? No. Could someone tell me how we lost? We lost prestige? Pretty sure there are always countries that hate America. Anyone travel abroad while Clinton, the Mighty Hero of the Democrats, was president? I did, and he was a laughingstock. He was a joke. The first thing anyone thought of about him was sex and Monica Lewinsky. How very prestigious. I think, just for fun, we should suspend all foreign aid for a year. Then these jokers might realize how much they do like us.

Unfortunately, I did not go to Judas Priest. Just couldn't get excited enough about it. Maybe next time.