Friday, February 22, 2008


Usually I leave the family stuff to Liz, but I wanted to talk a little about Tyler's first T-ball practice. I couldn't talk him into wearing sweats, so he was in jeans. He didn't run very fast because of the that fact. Usually he is pretty quick, especially when I am chasing him to get him to do something helpful. There were a few other kids in jeans, so he wasn't the only one, but I think he will wear sweats next time. I have slacked off in playing catch with him, so I blame myself that he wasn't the best one on the team. He wasn't the worst either. He loved the hitting. I need to work with him on his catching and fielding. His throwing has always been his strong point. Ask a few kids who have taken a HotWheel to the head if the kid has an arm. One kid bled all over our couch thanks to a shot to the head from Tyler throwing a car at him. Luckily he doesn't do that anymore. Anyway, he can throw well and with some mechanics will probably be one of the best on the team in that department. The best part was the huge grin he had on his face most of the practice. He just dug it. I will probably be an assistant coach. His dimple was as deep as ever while he was going through the hitting. His one complaint other than that he was cold, was that there is a girl on the team. He did say he would like Brooke on the team, but not Audry. He'll get used to it. She wasn't the worst by far. I can't believe he is in T-ball now. Where did those 5 years go? He is a fun kid.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm announcing my candidacy for president

As I see it, there are no good choices to vote for come November. Hillary would be a disaster. Obama may seem young and fresh, but he is even more liberal than Hillary. We would have a nation where gay marriage is rampant, unborn babies are murdered relentlessly, and convicted murderers get to stay alive, possibly getting out on parole, and hanging out with the Susan Sarandons of the world. Hillary is one of the most narcissistic people of all time, power-mad, and conniving. Obama has little experience and has shown absolutely no signs of being able to compromise at all with conservatives. No thanks, I prefer my taxes to be lower for one thing. Not to mention the fact that he supports a blatant racist in his preacher. McCain has shown signs of doing what's right, but has also shown signs of lunacy. He may be the best choice remaining, but that isn't saying much. Huckabee, well, I don't see myself ever voting for someone who was a keynote speaker at an anti-Mormon rally. He's a scumbag.

So here is my presidential platform.

War in Iraq(Afganistan)-First of all, quit whining about whether or not we should have gone in there to begin with. The fact is that we are there and it is time to win this war. The Democratic controlled congress wants you to believe we are losing. We're not. They want you to believe the best course is to pull out all our troops tomorrow. It's not. We have seen success with the recent surge. The answer is not less or no troops. You can't go in and eradicate a government and then get out before you help fix things. We kept troops in Germany and Japan after WWII and it seems to me like it worked out pretty well for both. Obviously, those are different cases, but the fact remains we have to help get things going. I would suggest even more troops to completely root out and destroy the insurgents. Put the Iraqis through intense training, and then steadily pull out troops until we have a force similar to what we have in South Korea guarding one of the most dangerous borders in the world. It would be a rotation base with overlapping troops so that there are always troops there to train the new arrivals. We still have bases in Japan, Germany and other countries. We would have bases in Iraq as well, just to be sure. We also would maintain rotating carrier groups in the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and Persian Gulf to always have naval support near the Middle East. We also must include the Iraqi people more in their country's oil trade. A successful people will be a happy people.

Iran's Nuclear endeavors-No, Iran cannot have nuclear capabilities for weapons. If, as they insist(which is total BS, but let's humor them), it is only for nuclear energy then we must step in. They must agree to let us build there nuclear power plants and then maintain a force there to oversee the operations. We can build it on the border of Iraq where we will already have troops. Then they can have nuclear energy, but we have the oversight needed to maintain security. Their leader is an outspoken anti-Semite and total lunatic. He complies with us or he is removed. Why do we feel we have the authority to interfere with other countries? Because he has repeatedly spoken out in favor of our destruction, Israel's (our ally) destruction, and he is supporting insurgents in Iraq. He is every bit the war time enemy that Saddam was. He is a threat to American lives whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Pull your heads out of the sand. It's ridiculous for these countries to hate us like they do. Without us, they would lose a huge percentage of their national revenue and often aid as well.

Abortion-At what point does a fetus turn human? Can you not tell from DNA that it is a human fetus from conception? Is there a difference in the DNA of a 55 year old from that of a 5 day fetus? The arguments in favor of abortion are ridiculous. Free "choice" to kill? It's her body? She should have thought of that before. The fetus isn't viable? A newborn isn't viable on its own. It would quickly die without care. It doesn't look human? How closely does a 60 year old resemble himself at 60 days old? Abortion is reprehensible. I can make only these concessions-rape, incest, or severe health issues. Abortion is morally wrong. No one will ever convince me that it is ok. I have plenty more to say, but here I only need to state my position. I am against abortion.

Capital Punishment-It is insane to me that often the same people that support killing unborn babies, do not support killing convicted murderers. What is wrong with this picture? I support capital punishment. There needs to be restitution when a crime is committed. You cannot give back the life you took, so you need to give your own. From a religious standpoint, I believe this is the only way a murderer has a chance of being forgiven(own opinion). It is definitely a deterrent to more murders. Show me one executed murderer who killed again. Didn't think so. Does it deter other killers from killing? There is no way to know. There is no way to know how many people decided not to kill someone because they were scared of getting caught and getting the death penalty. Obviously, the justice system needs to be overhauled to better ensure that innocent people are not wrongly convicted. And the appeals process needs to be streamlined so that people are not sitting on death row, eating up tax money, for very long. Some say life in prison is punishment enough. Is it? Some slimebag child killer gets to live out his life for another 30 or so years? Even in solitary confinement, he still gets to eat, read, and overall, live. Suppose a glitch gets him paroled. Suppose he escapes. Suppose he does just stay there for years. I prefer not to pay for his food and lodging through my taxes. I can go to right now and there will be a horrifying murder that the perpetrator of deserves the death penalty for.

Gay marriage-Marriage is between a man and a woman. That's that.

Taxes-Property taxes should be lowered. Income tax should be a straight 10-15(or whatever number works) percent no matter what you earn. Everyone should pay the same percentage. Do away with loopholes, breaks, etc. Everyone pays a flat percentage of what they make. Whatever number is determined to be fair, that should be it. This may raise some people's taxes and lower others'. If anything, raise tariffs. I would rather have foreign companies pay higher taxes than myself paying higher taxes. They don't have to be raised that much, but it should be easier for American companies to do business in America, than it is for foreign companies. Don't raise taxes on businesses because they will just pass that cost on to us in the form of higher prices. Don't continue to raise minimum wage because that cost is also passed on to us in higher prices. Hello, think about it. You can, however, tax the crap out of companies that outsource jobs to other countries. They'll pass the cost to us as well, but more jobs for Americans is worth it. One thing I hate is calling about a credit card or something, and I can't understand the person I am talking to, and they can't understand me.

Crime-We need to be tougher on crime. We need to have more police in high crime areas. Every so often you hear about how an area is so bad, even the cops won't go in there. Say what? The cops should fear no area. Sentences should be strict, consistent, and swift.

Free Enterprise-To listen to the media, you would think it is a crime for anyone to be successful. The oil companies are terrible because they have huge profits. Um, isn't that what they are in business for? Isn't any business trying to be profitable? Leave free enterprise alone.

Social Security-I know it needs fixing, but I'm not sure how at this point. I'll think about it and get back to you on this one.

Drilling in ANWAR-Give me a freaking break. You cannot tell me it is more important for caribou to have a nice, romantic place in remotest Alaska to mate than for humans to have fuel to heat their homes, get to work, and all the other things that come from oil. Besides the impact on the caribou would be negligible. They will adapt and with high standards the drilling and plant operations will be clean and safe anyway. There would be little human impact on the precious oversized deer. I don't understand anyone who puts an animal above a human on the benefit scale.

Immigration-This is a tough one. First we need to better control the borders. If this means more cameras, a wall or fence, more patrols, so be it. Illegals have 30 days go to back to their homeland. Before they leave, they can get references that support their claims that they are here to work and support their families. Then they can apply for citizenship (which also needs to be reworked), a work permit that lets them work here, but taxes them or an education permit. They must register so that we know who they are and where they are. Security is the main concern. Those that fail to do so, will be thrown in jail, fined and then deported. Those that fail to comply will also be prohibited from applying for any permit for 3 years minimum. If caught again, they will be thrown in jail for 10 years minimum, fined, and forfeit any future chance at getting a permit. Employers will pay a fine for each illegal they hire. Each alien applying for any permit to be here must supply a background check.

Education-Definitely needs an overhaul. Where do I start? I'll add to this soon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Variety of thoughts

Huckabee is just another anti-Mormon

I don’t care if he doesn’t support Romney. I don’t care if he doesn’t believe in the LDS faith. I don’t care if he doesn’t like Romney. What I care about is the truth. Let’s be honest here. Huckabee is staying in the race because he is an anti-Mormon and he knows that the only relevancy he has left is that he can take votes away from Romney. Anyone with half a brain can see that Huckabee has no shot at getting the nomination. This is a two-horse race and he isn’t one of them. He has repeatedly dropped the typical, tired jabs at Mormons (“not Christians”, etc) and then backtracked like a gutless Chihuahua nipping at someone’s heals. Now that it is evermore obvious that he is out of the race, he is only sticking around to split the vote away from Romney because of jealousy and his anti-Mormon beliefs. Huckabee is a Baptist. Why isn’t anyone asking him about those other Baptists from the Westboro church that like to shamefully protest at funerals of brave American soldiers? Oh, they’re different Baptists? Well, isn’t it interesting that the LDS church gets lumped in with anything an offshoot radical group does, even though they have long since been severed from any support, ties or fellowship with the LDS church? Yet, no one feels the need to lump all the Baptists together when those lunatics from Westboro do their disgraceful business. If you are looking for a group of people that you can still get away with persecuting with no political correctness police speaking out against you, it’s the Mormons.


Belicheat got what he deserved

I was not only thrilled, but relieved that the Patriots were stopped just shy of finishing the season undefeated. One of the first things I said to my students was that cheaters do not prosper. The Patriots were overwhelming favorites to win and they were denied. It's justice. Obviously, it is a matter of one team outplaying another on a specific day. It is a matter of heart. It is great that those pompous jerks from New England were stopped just 2 1/2 minutes short of their expected destiny. The coach is a classless piece of crap. He left the field early. He was not a gracious loser. His postgame interview was nothing but a bunch of insolent mumblings of a poor loser. He has shown repeatedly that he is not a good winner either. I saw the interview of Brady laughing at the notion that his team would only score 17 points, when a Giants player made that prediction. Yeah, Brady, that was pretty funny. You only scored 14. A Boston paper already commissioned a book about the perfect season. They trademarked the title, "19-0". Talk about premature speculation. Randy Moss was his old pouty self during the game, taking several plays off that weren't in his direction. Then he does his ridiculous touchdown celebration move. I don't think I want to know what it meant, but it was snotty to say the least. I must say, though, that he was one of the more gracious losers in his postgame interview. He's used to it, I guess. Props to Eli Manning. The kid became a man in this game. I never thought much of him, but now am an Eli Manning fan. I hope he does well in his career. Now the Patriots have new accusations of cheating to deal with and I hope the NFL doesn't just sweep it under the rug this time.


How about a little more TV?

Well, I am liking the new show, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". The terminator girl is a little strange, but hey she is playing a killing machine. It is actually a pretty entertaining show. "Prison Break" should probably be done at the conclusion of this season. What was already a preposterous show, is getting even more outlandish. But, it is sure entertaining. I'm looking forward to the return of "Life", which I believe is the best new show on TV, by far. "Heroes" was just starting to get good again when it went on hiatus. And the return of "24" should soon be upon us.
"Lost" has returned and is decent so far. It will never regain its first season glory, but is good entertainment. "Survivor" starts yet again this Thursday. It is pitting passed fan "favorites" against new players. It is more like passed players who wanted more exposure or don't have anything else going on in their lives right now rather than "favorites". Might be interesting. I unfortunately watch "Smallville". You get one really good episode for every 3 totally lame episodes. I hope "The Office" and "CSI" return with new episodes soon.
Mainly I am just trying to convince myself that I can make it until August when football starts over. At least Liz is happy. Little does she know that there is basketball and golf.