Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Atheists and Idiots, Or is that redundant?

Ok, so Nicole Kidman (she of the oh so high morals) is in a new movie based on a book written by a so-called atheist. It is a series that is supposed to be about some girl who wants to kill God or some such premise. Look on archives. The article is from Monday, I believe. Anyway, the series author is a self-proclaimed atheist who just "hates" books like the Chronicles of Narnia because of their basis in Christianity. He says they mislead kids and crap like that. All the atheist fans of his books are up in arms because the movie has "sanitized" the anti-God stuff mostly out. Many go so far as to claim that Hollywood has, get this, caved to the Christian Right. Are you freaking kidding me? Is that not laughable? Hey, Idiot, if you don't like the way they are making your book into a movie, get a contract that gives you approval privileges on the screenplay.

Let's break this down. First, that icon of chastity, modesty, and humility, Nicole Kidman. Yeah, not too long ago, she was in a movie that had a scene in which she is in a bathtub with a preteen boy. Nice. I actually think she is a decent actress, but nothing more than Australian white trash, and quite frankly a co-conspirator with other adults in at least indecency with a minor. I think she will just disappear in a year or two anyway as she continues to shrink.

Complaining about a book of fiction because it promotes a certain mindset and then writing your own controversial book promoting your own mindset is pretty lame. Typical leftist thinking. Squawk about how awful the other guy's opinions are because they don't gel with yours, then go squawking your own opinion. I may not like what someone writes. I may think it actually sucks. I may question why that person is a writer or wonder how they are successful at it, but they can write what they want. If I don't like it, I don't read it. If it offends me, I don't read it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the way this atheist author ripped on C.S. Lewis and the Narnia stories sounded whiny and almost like Lewis didn't have the right to write those books. I dare say that the Narnia books have and will far outsell the "Atheist Trilogy" or whatever it's called. I don't condemn Atheist Man for writing his books. Who cares? I won't read it based on the fact that it doesn't appeal to my interests. I guess this whole paragraph is two-faced. Moving on.

As for the whole idea of an atheist. Give me a break. I believe whole-heartedly that there are very few true atheists if you take percentages of the world population. They are idiots, deluded, confused, lost, or just plain blind to the world around them. Reminds me of the Book of Mormon. Whenever some bonehead came around claiming that there was no God and we can do what we want, he was always shown to really believe in God. The Devil made him do it and stuff like that. Most of us have heard the saying "there are no atheists in foxholes." Probably true. I would go so far as to say that atheists fear God so much that they have just decided to discount Him completely. It's so much easier that way. What do they base their personal morals and values on? Whatever society tells them is ok? Most societies' laws are based on religion if you go back far enough.

How do you offend an atheist? This is the part I really don't get. If you are a true atheist, why would you care if there is a religious image in the courthouse? Why would you care if someone said a prayer at school? So-called atheists always bring lawsuits out complaining about this kind of stuff. A true atheist would merely think that those people are foolish and go about their business. Why would they begrudge the rest of us something that gives us direction and hope? No one is saying they have to participate in prayers. No one is saying that they have to read the Ten Commandments monument at the courthouse. And yet, here comes the lawsuit. They have to get their name in the media. Probably want some easy money. I really doubt they actually care about these things. If a religious law is imposed on them, then they have a legitimate complaint. Doesn't it seem a little weird that someone with no God-based morality would get offended over something like religious imagery. They surely wouldn't like it, but offended? Their whole morality, their whole value system is completely different than the majority of people on the planet. Of course they have their rights. But, seriously get a life.

I would challenge them to take a single stalk of wheat, a single orchid, a tarantula, an eagle, and a sea anenome and study them. Can you honestly look at these and pass these off as the result of some big mistake? Look around you. Look at our universe and its order. A mistake. Sure, yeah, right. That is one absolutely perfect mistake. And where did that original single-celled organism come from? Did it just spontaneously emerge from nothing?

I'll tell you what, atheists. I'll pray for you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Return

I actually started a new post last week, but got really busy with work and such so I never finished it. Now having reread it, I decided to just start fresh. PEOPLE PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS. Even if it is one word just to let me know you've been here. It is discouraging to get nothing because then I feel less and less motivated to expound my infinite wisdom to you.
So please leave even a brief comment. You are even allowed to disagree with me. However, I might go Hillary Clinton on your butt if you do. Actually, no one is allowed to dare speak out against her or they get her eternal and unholy wrath. She is probably one of the scariest people in politics right now. I fear her. I loathe her.

Anyway, what can I discuss on this fine brisk day in Houston, Texas. Yes, it is actually in the 60s. It feels great. I was in El Paso last weekend for a Texas Social Studies conference. If you have never been there, don't bother. It is nothing to write home about. A direct quote from my dad describes it, "there's not much there." I'm glad I went because I was curious. Now I'm good, thanks.

Jeff informed me, and then I read about it later, of the shortcomings in LAX as far as not catching undercover officers with "bombs." Let's face it, we aren't that safe. I was watching the guy who looks at the screen while your carry-on goes through the x-ray machine, and he just didn't seem to be giving a whole lot of care to his job. I did not feel reassured. Plus they are telling you to not bring such and such liquids or gels, etc. If you put them in your pocket, you can carry them right through as long as they are not in a metal container. They don't pat you down, so I could have a sharpened piece of plastic in my sleeve and no one would know. Am I the only one who predicts another incident involving a plane soon?

So Marie Osmond fainted on Dancing With the Stars last night. I didn't watch live, but saw it on the news, so by then they knew she was all right. Doesn't she remind you of that aunt that you sometimes like being around, but also need a break from shortly thereafter? Personally, I think the whole show has lost its edge. The novelty has worn off. Plus this season's crop of B-C and even D list stars is not that intriguing. I want to see stars like William Peterson of CSI, Steve Carell of The Office, Kate Beckinsale (for obvious reasons, sorry Liz), Hurley from Lost, Hannity and Colmes, Oprah, and the main guy from CSI-Miami, David Caruso. Can you imagine the judges telling him to stop looking at the floor before every move? LOOK UP!!! How about Jeff Probst from Survivor, Jon Heder, and Jay Leno? Is Jessica Alba available? She did the lame movie, Honey, where she danced. Anyway, let's spice the show up. NO MORE unknown news anchors.

Apparently today (Tuesday Oct. 23rd) is some anti-abortion day. One of my students is being silent today to protest abortion or something like that. I will ask her more about it tomorrow, but am 100% behind her. Abortion is about as wrong as it gets. What really gets me is that so many people who support abortion are against the death penalty. So killing babies is ok, but not convicted mass murderers? I don't get it. I won't get up too high on my soapbox today. I just thought that was worth mentioning. We should all take a moment to think about it at least.

I went to Daddy's and Donuts at Tyler's preschool this morning. That was fun. It is cool to see him at school. He loves it and is doing well there. It is a sure bet that he will be more successful than me. Not that that is a very high bar to reach. He's a fun kid. Brooke is almost crawling. She can get around, but it isn't crawling. She is fun, too.

Well, I will add some more soon. If you are struggling with something and need advice, let me know. I'm almost always right. And never wrong.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Television Critiques

Ok, so the new TV season has begun. There are still some shows that have not yet debuted, and some that won't start until January. But, many have begun and I have spent many an hour in your behalf watching. I will help you know what is good, not good, so-so, or a non-factor on our television.
SUNDAY- Unfortunately for Liz, this is a football or golf viewing day. Sunday evening is open to her for whatever she wants. There is not much to pick from on Sunday. Extreme Makeover- Home Edition gets cheesier and cheesier. I can't watch it without a barfbag. We usually don't watch it, but occasionally are too lazy to turn the channel. I would give it a D. I don't watch Desperate Housewives, which is the big hit of Sunday. It's garbage and you all know it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Now I am not trying to judge, I mean you all know what a nasty and inappropriate person I am, but seriously come on. Don't come in here trying to defend this crap either. Don't tell me it is funny or whatever. I did catch an episode once and wasn't impressed. The rampant adultery on this show is enough to turn me off. Call me old-fashioned. Rampant fornication is one thing...Just kidding. Des. HWs -F. We have watched Cold Case a few times and that is actually a pretty good, albeit depressing murder show (you can never get enough of those). I'd give it a B. All the Fox cartoons on Sunday except the Simpsons bug me. Simpsons is a classic, but it is on too early, so I don't watch it.
MONDAY- 24 returns in January. I like to suspend reality and watch Prison Break. It really is dumb and yes, it takes a lot of overlooking of the obvious to go along with the show, but it is fun. The first season when they were leading up to the actual breakout was really cool. Second season was ok, and this season is set in a prison in Panama. If I wouldn't have gotten hooked by the first season and first 2-3 episodes of season 2, I probably wouldn't have stuck with it. But, one of my quirks is that I find it nearly impossible to leave something before I know the end. I watch some crappy movies just to see the end. TV is the same, only with TV I am stuck for season after season. Not that Prison Break is crappy, it's actually pretty entertaining, and that is what I ask for most in my media viewing. Plus you really never know who will get blown away next on the show. I'll give it a solid B. Liz likes Dancing With the Stars. Well, I will watch this with her because I admire the hard work and dedication these people put into their preparation. Especially the ladies. Very determined bunch. No grade, I just watch. Also on Monday, Heroes. I give this show an A. I thought season 1 was great, but this season is starting a little slowly. I have faith in this show that it will soon be cruising along nicely. They need to stop teasing and bring back Syler. Hate him, but the character is awesome. One of the best villains in awhile. The Hiro part is a little too corny. Get on with it. I tried a couple of new shows, Journeyman and Chuck. Both get a C. Not enough to hook me. I don't even want to give them a couple more episodes, which I usually do.
TUESDAY- This is Liz night. Dancing/Stars results show, and the Biggest Loser. I usually watch with her because that is what's on. We like Beauty and the Geek too. Very amusing show. My favorite geek this season is the LARPer (live action role player). Entertaining every week. A. I am going to give Cavemen a chance tonight. Liz thinks it looks incredibly stupid. Exactly why I might like it. The Geico commercials are my favorites. But I am already conceding that this most likely will not work as a full show. We'll see. Liz loves House. I like to play house. Anyway, it is a good show, but a bit predictable sometimes. Solid B.
WEDNESDAY- Lost returns in January. A couple new shows have promise. First is Bionic Woman. I thought it was pretty decent. B so far. I'm giving this one a chance. The other is Life. We both really liked this one. Quirky. Pretty good. B+ so far. Til Death is actually pretty humorous. Some episodes are really funny, others just amusing. I watch when I feel like it, but don't sweat missing it either. B-. I need some more comedy since King of Queens is gone now.
THURSDAY- This is TV NIGHT. We have too many shows on Thursday. We still faithfully watch Survivor. It always amazes us how dumb people are. Do they not watch the show?? I am a little annoyed with the newly typical "gay mormon" character that a lot of reality shows (Esp. Survivor) regularly trot out at us. Can't just be Mormon or just gay. Anyway, still like the show. A-. I am a big fan of CSI-Original. I can't stand CSI-Miami. Original is still very good. They need to be careful that they don't get carried away with the characters getting in danger. A. Without a Trace is pretty good, but we don't watch it much. Too many other shows. Of course there is the funniest show on TV, in my opinion, the Office. We love this show. This show has made me laugh harder than any other TV comedy. Plus, the uncomfortableness of many of the situations is amazing. We actually squirm sometimes. That is good writing and acting. A+. Earl is pretty funny, but we don't watch it much. I still watch Smallville. It has actually gotten better. I was good then dumb, now good again. A sometimes shaky B. Liz really likes Ugly Betty, but I already have too many other shows. We used to watch ER, but we quit years ago. It is just too much. How many times can there be a shootout, bomb, brutal murder, or helicopter crash at a single ER? Stupid. Grey's Anatomy sucks. I know some of you are fans. Why?????????????? The first time I heard the narration, I was like "I'm out". Then I caught bits and pieces of a couple other episodes and realized if I kept rolling my eyes they might get stuck up there. One of the parts I caught was the 3-4 people all together in the shower. Ok?!? You know the writers were just trying to go for shock value and see what new lows they could reach on primetime TV. It played no real role in the show; it was a dream sequence. It was a lame excuse to get 3-4 naked people together in the shower. What is especially fun is that Katherine Heigl was raised Mormon. Nice Mormon girl. Is there a more pouty and annoying person than the main girl? She reminds me too much of Renee Zellwegger. Renee is totally overrated. Plus she is so squinty-eyed. I swear every girl in my classes love this show. I'll take a raincheck. I'm sure I ruffled some feathers with that critique, but I'm sure many of you think my shows suck. I'm cool with that.
FRIDAY- We usually watch 20/20 and that is about it. John Stossel is cool. He goes after everyone during his segments. Incidentally, I read one of his books and it was pretty good. Some interesting stuff. There were some parts I didn't agree with, but most of it I did. Friday Night Lights is a show I have half paid attention to. It is interesting sometimes and blah sometimes. What is interesting is that it is actually pretty accurate. One thing I like about it is that it portrays the high school students realistically, rather than as the over the top stereotypes. It is a fine line to walk, but they do it well. The only problem is that in some cases, it is so obvious that the actor is so much older than their character. Plus some of the storylines are lame.