Thursday, June 5, 2008


IRON MAIDEN WAS AWESOME! I went to Iron Maiden in concert with a buddy. Great show.

This band has been around for close to 30 years. You expect the music quality in a live show to perhaps not be as clear, crisp, or as refined as on the album. Certainly a note here and there might be missed or the singer might have a tough time. However they were amazing.

The music was flawless. Instrumentally, they sounded album quality. Bruce (singer) was close. He is one of the best metal singers of all time, which to some of you may not sound impressive, but he is truly a great singer. He didn't try to go for those notes of his youth. Instead, he changed it up just enough to stay true to the song, but not embarrass himself, and it still sounded great. He still has it. Sure, he didn't hold onto some notes as long, or go for some high ones like he used to, but he had amazing energy and totally did not disappoint. In fact, the whole band was impressive. The stage was cool, and the show just rocked.
Now I know what happened to all the stoners from junior high. They still dress the same, but the clothes don't fit as well. And in some cases, yikes is all I can say. Their long hair now has gray in it. They have added tatoos and/or weight. Some of the girls probably didn't look good in their outfits in 1984, let alone now. There were some kids, but easily half or more were 30+ years old. The guy next to me (by himself) offered me a joint about halfway through the first IM song. So I took a few hits. JUST KIDDING. I said no thanks. There were people in all directions having some Mary Jane, but I didn't get too many wiffs of it, and I didn't have smoke smell when I got home. The concert was outside and there was a slight breeze. My buddy was getting more smoke in his face than I was. Pays to be short sometimes. Everyone was having a good time. All things considered it was really fun. I drove fast to get ahead of the drunks.
Now I have the concert bug. Unfortunately, I don't have the concert money.

Don't Call it a Comeback

Last day of school for the students. YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! If these meatheads are our future, the future looks bleak indeed. Wow. My students took it to new levels of stupidity, immaturity, and disrespect. But, the school year is coming to a close and hopefully next year will be better. You would think that as they got older, they would get wiser. Think again. Unfortunately, I will have many of them again. I am moving up to Government and Economics next year. They are just semester classes, though, so it should be bearable. Now I have to work the counselors so I can avoid some of the more annoying students so I don't have them for a second, or in some cases, a third time. In many cases, these students are starting to think we are buddies because we have known each other for so long. A lot of times, they think I am not serious when I tell them to shut up, sit down, do your work, stop acting like 1st graders, don't do drugs, keep your nasty hands to yourself, put your @#*!&% cell phone away, etc. Anyway, I am glad summer is here. Maybe these kids will get a clue over the summer.